Fast track way to become Canadian permanent resident

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Canadian permanent resident

Canada is an immigrant friendly country.

The labour market requirement of Canada is huge. Skilled professionals can find plenty of job options in this country. Here is how you can become a Canadian permanent resident visa holder in less than 6 months.

Canadian permanent resident

Express entry profile:

First create your express entry profile. You will have to make sure that you have all the required documents like education credential report, language test results etc.

Try hard for provincial nomination:

If you manage to get a provincial nomination then you get additional 600 points which makes it easier for you to get selected for the permanent resident visa application.

Invitation to apply for visa:

Once you get selected you will get an invitation to apply for the visa. Keep all the papers ready beforehand so that you can submit your application at the earliest.

Medical certificate:

All the express entry applicants have to submit a medical certificate. So keep get the medical examination done and submit the certificate in time.


Submission of passport:

Once you submit your application and everything is in place then you will be asked to submit your passport. Once this formality is completed you must get immigrant visa and the certificate of permanent residency pretty fast.

If you do not want any delays in completing the formalities then make sure that you have all the required documents ready. To get complete details about the procedure to apply for the permanent resident visa contact IRA immigration. They are one of the best immigration consultants who have helped a number of candidates to procure the PR visa for Canada. With proper guidance it can be very easy to get your permanent resident visa. Just make sure that you have a systematic approach.

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