How much does it cost for Canada Express Entry?

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Canada Express entry cost

Skilled workers who want to migrate to Canada must choose the express entry system. This is one of the fastest ways for skilled workers to migrate to Canada. But before you apply for the Canada express entry programme you must have a clear idea about the procedure and the Canada Express entry cost.

All that you need to know about Canada Express Entry:

  • Skilled workers can apply for the Federal Skilled workers programme. This is a point-based system that is based on the express entry system.
  • The candidate has to first create the express entry profile. This profile will be given points based on different factors.
  • These factors are the age of the candidate, the education of the candidate, his work experience, the language test scores etc.
  • There are some factors like age on which the candidate does not have any control. But in the case of factors like education, language test scores etc the candidate can try and score more points.
  • The aim of the candidate has to be to score as many points as possible. More the number of points better will be the ranking of the candidate and the chances of his selection to receive the invitation to apply for the Canada PR visa will be more.
  • The candidate will get an additional 600 points if he gets a provincial nomination. This will almost ensure that he will get the invitation to apply for the PR visa for Canada.
  • Once the candidate gets the invitation to apply for the PR visa then he has to submit his visa application along with all the supporting documents.

The cost for express entry to Canada:

One thing that you need to note here is that there is no money that has to be paid for creating and completing the express entry profile. Creation of the express entry profile is free. But while applying for the visa you are expected to pay the visa fees.The processing fees of the PR visa will be $550 CAD, $ 490 CAD is the fees for the right for permanent residence. The fees for the biometrics will be $85 CAD. The candidate will also have to bear the fees of the language tests, documentation formalities etc.

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