How Many IELTS band score required for Canada Immigration?

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ielts band score requirement for Canada

If you are a skilled worker or a student who is planning to apply for Canada visa then there is one very important factor that you cannot ignore. That is the International English Language Testing System score. Yes, you have to ensure that you fulfil the ielts band score requirement for Canada if you want to increase your chances of selection.

So what is this IELTS test all about?

  • This test gives a clear idea about the proficiency of the candidate in the English language.
  • If you want to apply for skilled worker visa or student visa etc then you have to remember one thing that you need to have proficiency in the English language. Students who are applying to Canada Universities for higher studies must keep in mind that their IELTS score will matter not only for their visa application but also for their university admission application.
  • This test will check the English reading writing speaking and listening skills of the applicant. The test has 4 sections where each of these skills is tested. The scores of each section matter. The average score will be the band score.
  • Now every country has its own ielts requirements and the applicant needs to make sure that they fulfil that requirement in the best possible way. Better band score will help you get an edge over the other applicants.

How much IELTS band score required for Canada Immigration:

If you are applying for the Canada Permanent residence visa then the band score must be in accordance with the Canadian Language Benchmark. It must be noted that the requirements of this band score for Canada visa is high. The candidate has to have a band score of 6 to 6.5. Higher the score better for the candidate. But one needs to understand here that it is not very easy to get such high scores. The test is very difficult and the candidate has to make sure that he does well in order to get the high scores.

Get proper guidance from Visa experts:

The candidate has to be aware of a number of things about the test. That is band score requirement, how to prepare for the test, the date of the tests etc. Besides the test results, there are many other formalities that the candidate has to complete in the case of Canada visa.

This can be a tough task. But there is one easy way out. The candidate must opt for the services of one of the best visa and immigration consultants who will provide all the required assistance to the candidate. The visa consultant must be able to give proper guidance to the candidate for the English language test and for all the other visa-related formalities.

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