Canada CRS Points Calculator

If you are planning to apply for the Canada PR visa through the express entry system then you must have a clear idea about the Canada CRS Points Calculator. The number of points your profile scores matters because the ranking of your profile is based on these points.

Candidates with higher points will have higher ranks. These candidates will have better chances of selection in express entry draw. The selected candidates will get the invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa from the IRCC.

There is an eligibility criterion for creating the express entry profile. The candidate has to score minimum of 67 points. Only then his application will be accepted in the Canada express entry pool.

Factors that will affect the Canada CRS point Calculator:

  • The first important factor that is considered is the Core Human Capital factor. This will include the age of the candidate, education, work experience and language proficiency.
  • The spouse or common law partner will also include education, work experience and language proficiency of spouse.
  • The skills transferability factors will also affect the points tally. There are different combinations in the skills transferability factor.
  • The candidate can score certain bonus or additional points for some factors like a sibling who is permanent resident or citizen of Canada, arranged employment, proficiency in French language and provincial nomination

Here are a few details about the points tally:

  • The candidate without a spouse can score maximum of 500 points and with a spouse can score a maximum of 460 points in the Core factors
  • Common-law partner can help in getting maximum of 40 points
  • In the skills transferability case the candidate can score a maximum of 100 points.
  • Candidate can score additional 30 points if he has Canadian post-secondary education, 30 points for French language proficiency, and 15 points for sibling in Canada and 200 points for arranged employment.

Here is what the candidate must focus on:

Now the main objective of the candidate is to score as many points as possible. Because more points are naturally going to improve his ranking. But there are some factors like age on which the candidate has no control. He has to accept whatever points the system allots him depending on his age.

But there are some factors where the candidate can try and get more points. For example, a candidate with Masters Degree will get more points as compared to candidate with Bachelors degree. So the candidate must try and improve his educational qualification. Similarly, there are several other factors which can help the candidate in improving the points tally. These include factors like work experience, proficiency in English and/or French language etc.

Choose IRA immigration for the correct inputs on the comprehensive ranking system:

It is possible that you may find the entire process of the Canada CRS Points Calculator confusing. But that should not be a matter of concern if you take assistance from IRA immigration. They will make sure that they address all the queries that you have about comprehensive ranking system point calculator.

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