Move to Canada as Financial managers

If you have a degree in Finance and have experience in auditing, accounting, financial planning, financial analysis, etc then you can hit the jackpot in Canada. This is because Canada has several good career opportunities for Financial managers. If you check with reputed Immigration Consultancy Services you will realise that every year several people with finance degrees apply for immigration to Canada.

Here’s what Finance managers can do in Canada!

It must be noted that Financial analyst is listed in the NOC list of Canada. The immigration code given to this occupation is 1112. Before we understand how you can apply for the Canada PR visa and how you can migrate to Canada as Financial managers let us try and understand the duties and responsibilities of Financial managers.

  • They will be responsible for the smooth working of the financial departments like accounting, auditing etc.
  • They will have to prepare financial statements, cost-benefit analysis etc
  • If there are any concerns about the financial performance of the company then they have to inform the same to the top management
  • They will also be responsible for the evaluation and implementation of different financial systems in the company.
  • Besides the above-mentioned duties, a financial manager will be responsible for many other finance-related activities of the organization.

Apply for the Federal Skilled worker programme:

  • If you want to migrate to Canada as a Financial manager and if you have the right qualifications then you will have to apply for the Federal Skilled worker programme.
  • This Federal skilled worker programme is based on the point-based system which is known as the express entry system
  • The candidate will first have to create the express entry profile. The candidate has to try and score as many points as possible. The points are based on different aspects like education, language skills, work experience etc.
  • The profile of the candidate is ranked based on the points that he has scored. More the number of points higher will be the ranking of the profile in the express entry pool.
  • Candidates are selected in the express entry draw. The selected candidates will receive the invitation to apply for a permanent residency visa for Canada.
  • The candidate has to submit his application along with all the supporting documents at the earliest.

Hire the best Immigration Consultancy Services for assistance:

If you feel that completing the above-mentioned process is not something that you can manage then do not worry. There is a way out. All that you have to do is contact the best consultant who can provide complete assistance.

Yes, but here the choice of a consultant is very crucial. If you choose a mediocre consultant then you can land in deep trouble. Therefore, always make sure that you select only the best immigration consultant who will provide perfect assistance.

When it comes to immigration to Canada then there is one immigration consultant in Delhi, which is known to provide very good assistance. We are talking about IRA immigration, which has its corporate office in Janakpuri in Delhi and branch office in Nehru Place. They are one of the most prolific immigration consultants who have provided the best assistance to several aspirants. All that the candidate has to do is get in touch with the IRA immigration. Share with them the details about your objective to move to Canada. They have a dedicated team of consultants for Canada immigration. These consultants will check if you are eligible to apply for the PR visa. They will then assist the eligible candidates and will make sure that the candidates complete all the formalities for applying for the PR visa.

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