Processing Time For Canada PR Application

Canada PR

Canada is one of the best places for students, skilled professionals and people who want to settle down in a foreign country with their families. There are number of good opportunities and also this is a safe country.

In order to migrate to Canada from India you will have to apply for the Canada permanent resident visa. In order to encourage more number of skilled professionals to migrate to Canada the government of Canada has a number of visa categories. It is important to select the correct visa category.

The processing time will depend on a number of factors.

Factors on which the Canada pr processing time will depend:

  • The nationality of the candidate
  • The visa category that the candidate has selected
  • The immigration programme that the candidate has selected
  • The time taken by the candidate to submit the various documents to the visa authorities ( including the medical certificate and character certificate)

A look at the visa processing time for different programmes:

  • The express entry system can take around 6 months
  • The Quebec Skilled workers programme the processing time can be between 11 to 12 months
  • For the provincial nominee programme the processing time will depend upon which province or territory the candidate has selected.
  • Spouse and common law visas can take up to 20 months
  • For business visa it will again depend on the type of business visa that one has selected

However it must be noted that the processing time will vary from case to case basis. To get a better idea about the same it is better to consult a good immigration consultant. IRA immigration is one of the most reliable visa consultants who have been providing visa consultation and immigration services in India from past many years.

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