Reasons that can lead to rejection of US Tourist Visa

There are a number of people who want to visit the US for a holiday or to meet near and dear ones in the US. Some may come to the US for medical treatment. For all such reasons, you have to apply for the B-2 visa category or the USA Tourist Visa.

The USA is very strict when it comes to issuing any visa. Even in the case of a visitor visa, there are a number of people whose applications are rejected by the US embassy. Let us understand some common reasons due to which the tourist visa for the US can get rejected.

No clarity about the objective:

The US officials do not mind giving visas to people who actually want to have a cool vacation in the US and then go back to their country. The B2 visa will let the tourist stay in the US for not more than 6 months. The visitor has to prove that he clearly intends to leave the US before the visa expires. When there is no clarity about the intention of the applicant and if the authorities sense that the applicant may take undue advantage then they may reject the visa application.

Criminal records:

If the applicant has past criminal records or any pending cases against him in the home country then that too can lead to rejection of US Tourist Visa. But that does not mean that you must lie about the same. If the authorities find out about the same in due course then it will be considered as visa fraud. If the applicant does not reveal that he has US citizens as family members or if it is found that in the past also the applicant has lied and obtained a visa then that too will be considered as visa fraud.

Immigration violations:

If the embassy finds that you have a past record of immigration violations then too your visa can get rejected. If it is found that you had overstayed even after your visa had expired then the embassy will not take any more chances and will reject your application.

Other reasons that can lead to rejection of US Tourist visa application:

  • If the applicant has any contagious disease that can prove to be dangerous to the public health then the applicant’s visa will be rejected.
  • People who have been deported from US in the past will also face rejection.
  • The visa applications of drug addicts or people who are known to be associated with drug abuse will also be rejected.

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Always tell the truth and state the facts
  • Make it very clear to the visa officials that you will surely leave the US before the visa expires.
  • You must show that you have enough reasons to come back to your home country.
  • You need to show that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in the US.

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