What is the scope of civil engineers in Canada?

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Are you a civil engineer who is looking out for some good job opportunities abroad? If you have the correct qualifications and work experience then there is one country that offers really good job opportunities. This country is Canada. A number of skilled engineers prefer to immigrate to Canada due to excellent job opportunities.

Now here is why a civil engineer must move to Canada!

  • Civil engineering involves construction and maintenance of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, airports etc.
  • A civil engineer can handle many engineering aspects. These are structural engineering, surveying, construction engineering, forensic engineering etc.
  • Canada is a large country which has very good infrastructure. The authorities make sure that the infrastructure is well maintained. They also ensure that there is further development in the infrastructure.
  • Naturally, there is a lot of scope for the civil engineers in this country.
  • An engineer with the right qualifications and with good work experience can work at different levels in the Canada. The designation that civil engineers can get range from survey engineers to construction engineers etc.
  • Civil engineers also get a very good salary in Canada. The salary will depend on the city where the civil engineer is working, the designation of the person and the calibre of the person
  • There are some very good construction groups in Canada where the right person can get the right opportunity. These companies are CIMA+, PCL Construction, AECON, Bantrel, EllisDon etc.

For migrating to Canada this is what a civil engineer must do!

  • The civil engineer needs to check if he is eligible for applying for the Federal Skilled workers programme.
  • This programme is based on the express entry system. In this the candidate has to try and score as many points. The points are based on different factors. More points will mean better ranking.
  • The candidates with better ranking will have better chances of selection.
  • The candidates need to make sure that they have the right qualifications and work experience. They also need to fulfil other mandatory requirements like submission of latest language proficiency test results, medical certificate, police verification certificate etc.
  • The candidates who are selected will get the invitation to apply for the visa. After getting the invitation to apply the candidate has 90 days to apply for the permanent resident visa.

Worried about the rejection of an application? Then here is what you must do!

Some of you might not know the procedure for applying under the express entry system. If you make mistakes then you might not get selected. If you are worried about rejection then the best thing that you can do is approach a good visa and immigration expert.

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