Are you planning to study MBBS abroad?

Some important aspects have to be considered in the case of MBBS abroad for Indian students. If you are also planning to study medicine at a foreign university then there are some important factors about the procedure which you must know.

Why do Indian students want to study MBBS abroad?

There are many reasons which Indian students want to study MBBS abroad and we have listed a few of the reasons.
• Some foreign countries offer MBBS course that has global recognition.
• The students get to study in medical colleges that have very good infrastructure.
• The medical colleges of foreign countries have well-equipped laboratories and the students are taught the latest details of MBBS.
• Students get very good research opportunities in the medical field in foreign universities
• The quality of education that you can get in some of the foreign countries is excellent
• When you do your MBBS course in a foreign country then you can be sure of getting some really good career opportunities and you can also start your practice.
• In the case of MBBS abroad for Indian students you get a chance to interact with many international students.
• Some foreign universities have very competitive fees for the MBBS course. And so many Indian students want to pursue the medical course abroad.
• Many Indian students want to study abroad as they get good quality of life
• Some of the countries are safe for students as the law and order situation of the countries is excellent.

It is time to take a look at the eligibility criteria for studying MBBS abroad:

As for the eligibility criteria for studying MBBS abroad, it will depend on factors like the country where you plan to study MBBS. The university where you plan to study the course etc. However, there are some basic aspects that are the same in the case of most of the countries and the same has been listed below:
• For studying the MBBS course in a foreign country the candidate has to be a student of science with biology as one of the subjects.
• Indian students must pass the NEET examination if they want to pursue the MBBS course in a foreign country.
• The applicant also has to pass the Medical College Admission Test.
• The candidate has to submit the English proficiency test scores.
Before you apply for the MBBS abroad for Indian students take into account the eligibility factors.

How to apply for the MBBS course abroad?

• The applicant has to first decide in which country and in which university he wants to pursue the MBBS course. The applicant has to submit the application form for the MBBS course to the University or college where he plans to pursue the MBBS.
• Along with the admission form, the applicant has to submit several different documents that are requested by the college or University.
• The college authorities will verify the application form and the documents that are submitted by the student.
• If the student is shortlisted by the university then he has to appear for a round of interviews. These interviews are conducted by the admission committee of the University or college.
• If the candidate clears the interview and is shortlisted for getting admission to the college or University. Then he will be given a letter of acceptance by the college or university.
• This letter is a very important document that the student will need at the time of applying for the student visa. Without the letter of acceptance, the student cannot apply for a student visa.
• The final confirmation is given by the University to the student only after the student gets the visa clearance.

Have the letter of acceptance? Then apply for the student visa now!

• Applicant has to have a valid passport and so if you do not have a passport then make sure that you apply for one right away.
• The student also has to submit photographs for the visa and these have to be as per the specifications.
• Applicant has to submit a letter of acceptance from the designated foreign university.
• The student must submit proof of funds to show that the candidate can pay the course fees and that he can also bear the living cost during his stay in the foreign country.
• Student or applicant has to submit a medical certificate and police verification certificate for the student visa.
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