Things you must know before you apply for Canada Tourist Visa

You are all set to pack your bags and enjoy a wonderful vacation in Canada. But hang on! What about you’re Canada Visit Visa? Have you applied for the same? Not aware of what needs to be done? Not to worry because here you will get all the basic information for applying for the tourist visa for Canada.

First, check the list of required documents:

The first thing that you must do is collect all the documents that you need to submit along with the application. But for this, you must know which documents are needed. Here is the list:

  • Original valid passport is the first requirement. If you have any old passport then even that may have to be submitted along with the existing one.
  • You have to submit 3 latest photographs. These have to be as per the tourist visa requirements of Canada.
  • Latest bank statement, income tax return details also have to be submitted. You have to give proof that you have enough funds. As this will give an assurance to the officials that you can support yourself financially during your Canada visit.
  • Accommodation details during your stay in Canada and details about your flight return ticket also needs to be submitted.
  • If you are married then you have to submit your marriage certificate.
  • Government employees will have to submit no objection certificate from their officials. Retired people will have to submit a retirement letter and documents about their pension.
  • If you have your business then while applying for the Canada Tourist Visa make sure that you carry your registration documents, company seal and company letterhead.

Has someone invited you to Canada? Then you will need the following documents!

  • You will have to submit the inviter or sponsor documents along with the mandatory documents if you have been invited by someone.
  • Copies of first and last page of passport and visa documents of the person who has sent the invitation
  • His resident card details
  • Invitation letter
  • Latest bank statement, payslips etc of the person who is sponsoring you.

Do you have all the documents for Canada Tourist Visa? Then keep some important things in mind!

  • Make sure that you download the visa application form correctly from the Canadian embassy website
  • Once you have downloaded the form you must fill in all the details correctly.
  • The embassy must get a clear idea about your purpose of visit and your financial condition
  • You have to convince the authorities that you have enough reasons to come back to your country.
  • You have to convince the authorities that you will leave Canada before the visa expires.
  • If the authorities find any discrepancies then your visa application can get rejected.

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