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Tourist Visa Consultants in Nehru Place

Traveling to a foreign country is an exciting though. Lots to discover and enjoy; an experience of a lifetime. The journey to your dream destination begins by fulfilling a few basic requisites, primarily for the country you’re going to visit. The very first and basic essential for making yourself eligible to set foot on the foreign land that you intend to visit is obtaining a tourist visa. This post attempts to educate you all about this simple piece of paper which has the power to accept or reject your entry into another country and how you can make things easier for yourself by seeking guided assistance from tourist visa consultants.

What is a Tourist Visa?

A travel or tourist visa is an important travel document that entails the objective of the traveller to a foreign country. It defines that the person visiting the country has no other purpose than recreation, sightseeing, or casual meet with family/relatives or friends. Any other activity is not permissible under the tourist visa, which is granted for a temporary period of only 3-6 months and can neither be extended nor converted into any other visa.

Eligibility Criteria for Tourist Visa

Only a foreigner who does not have residency status or occupation in the said country, and who only intends to visit the country for purposes described in the above section, may be considered eligible to be granted the visa. Note that the decision on the duration of the visa granted rests solely with the concerned issuing authority, generally the high commission/embassy of the said country. Also, the visa fee paid is non-refundable regardless of whether one is or isn’t considered eligible for the visa grant.

Requirements for Applying for Travel or Tourist Visa

Every country may have its own specific rules of application for tourist visa. It’s best to check them online or with tourist visa consultants before applying. However, below mentioned are the commonly required documents as part of your visa application:

  • Original passport that is valid for a minimum period of 180 days and has at least two blank pages
  • The required visa fee
  • Two recent passport-size photographs (usually 50mm * 50mm)
  • Online application form duly filled as per the detailed instructions and declaration attested with the required authentic signatures (printed and duly signed)

Note that the requirements may vary for minors, in which case you’d need to check with your consultant or visa office.

Once you submit the application, the processing time for your tourist visa may be anytime between 3-5 working days, or more depending on individual circumstances. Your visa consultant might be able to help facilitate and even speed up the process.

Why Hire Tourist Visa Consultants in Nehru Place?

If you’re living in Delhi, hiring IRA Immigration Services in Nehru Place may be the nearest, most convenient, and indeed the best choice for you. As detailed above, applying for a tourist visa requires successful completion of several stages. It may not always be possible to handle them all on your own. Besides, do consider the probability of any complications that may arise in the process. You’d then need an expert to handle the case with the visa officers on your behalf.

Your tourist visa consultants in Nehru Place can help you with all of above and any other requirement that you may present. All this at the most affordable rates and the highest-possible efficiency!We understand that your dream holiday is valuable to you and therefore, we’d help you get to your destination without any hassle to bear en route. You can bank on us for obtaining all the required documents and putting them together in order, the way they need to be submitted to the visa office. Besides, we’d take care of other requisites as well such as fee payment, fastening the processing time, etc. Just partner with us for an enjoyable travel experience!

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