What is Express entry system and latest CRS score?

Skilled workers who are planning to move to Canada need to have information about the express entry system. One very important aspect of the Express entry system is the latest crs score.

Details about the Comprehensive Ranking System – CRS:

  • The express entry system is based on the Comprehensive ranking system
  • This is a point-based system. The aim of the candidate has to be to score as many points as possible in the CRS system.
  • The candidates with higher points will get better ranking and their chances of selection for getting the invitation to apply will also increase.
  • The points are based on different factors like the age of the applicant, his education, his work experience, language skills etc.
  • The candidate can do nothing about factors like age. But he can try and improve his scores by focussing on factors like education, work experience, language skills etc.

This is how the express entry system works:

  • The candidate has to create his express entry profile.
  • Only those candidates who meet the required criteria will be accepted in the express entry pool of candidates.
  • The candidate‚Äôs profile will be given points based on different factors and based on these points the profile will be ranked.
  • On a regular basis there are express entry draws. In these draws the candidates with specific crs score are selected.
  • The selected candidates will be sent an invitation to apply for the Canada visa.
  • Once the candidate gets the invitation to apply he has to complete the application formalities and will have to submit the application within the stipulated time.
  • The most important thing in the case of express entry system is getting a good express entry score as only then the candidate will have better chances of selection.

Documents that the candidate needs to have:

Some common documents that applicant will have to submit include his passport and photograph which is as per the specifications. Language proficiency test score, medical certificate, educational credentials, details about the work experience etc will also have to be submitted. The candidate will have to submit all the documents that the visa authorities want. All this can be a very confusing thing. Therefore, it is always better to check with a good visa and immigration agent about the formalities for applying for the Canada PR visa.

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This is how IRA immigration can assist you:

  • They will help you in the creation of the express entry profile if you are eligible
  • They will tell you how to improve your CRS scores.
  • They will tell you how to increase your chances of selection by getting good ranking
  • If you are selected and you get the invitation to apply for the visa then they will guide you in those formalities as well

Keep in mind that if your visa application is rejected then you have to go through the entire tedious process all over again. If you do not want this to happen to you then it is better that you approach IRA immigration consultants.

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